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The 'outcome' is the goal that you expect to achieve as a result of coaching. When you enter into a contract with your coach, you will discuss the objective you want to achieve. The coach will assess where you are at the beginning of the coaching and help you determine what you will need to do to accomplish your goal and what you will need to do to reach the desired outcome.

Your coach will assign exercises to help you become aware of your behavior and attitudes in the area of desired change, and design practices to help you modify your behavior and improve performance. Practices are tailored to each client. Coaching is designed to meet you where you are and help you achieve your desired outcome.

A typical coaching arrangement lasts between 3 to nine months.

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Coaching is a one-on-one or group intervention in which you and your coach form an alliance to help you achieve a stated goal or build a desired competency. The coach assists you in creating the path you need take to accomplish your objectives and to sustain excellence in the target area.

How does coaching work?

How long does coaching take?

What will my coach ask me to do?

What is an 'outcome'?

The advantage of working with a coach rather than attending training is that the program is specifically designed to address your specific concerns. The coach conducts a comprehensive assessment to examine your areas of relative strengths and weaknesses and discover the best way to help you excel with the stated objective.


There's another reason why coaching provides greater effectiveness. Changing behavior, learning a new skill, or reaching the next level of success takes time. Longer-term development creates the space for you to build your capacity to achieve sustained excellence.


You will have the opportunity over time to practice and build 'muscle' in the area you are working on. In that way, you develop your skills incrementally over time. In many training courses, general information is provided and you must figure out how to adapt and apply the information to your workplace or situation on your own.

Why should I engage a coach instead of taking a class or attend a training workshop?

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