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Text Box: About Mediation
Text Box: ABOUT MEDIATION:  Mediation can assist parties in addressing disagreements involving a variety of issues. In mediation, we work with the parties to help them reach agreements that will best serve the needs of all concerned.  The mediators do not make decisions about the issues -- the parties do.

Mediators try to provide an opportunity for better communication between the parties than might otherwise exist, and focus on the issues which exists in their relationship.  Mediators do not make judgments about fault and they do not take sides.  Their main interest is in helping the parties negotiate effectively to develop an agreement that will work for them.
WHY SHOULD I MEDIATE:  A lot of people feel a little overwhelmed by the complexity, cost, they have not gotten the result they wanted (even if they "win" in court). With mediation, there is an opportunity to use an expert in communication to help the parties resolve the dispute themselves. This approach often preserves both productive business relationships to important family relationships. Since the parties are the ones who know what gave rise to the dispute and what is really important to them, they are the ones who can do the best job of developing a workable solution. Mediation keeps the parties to the dispute in control of the outcome -- something that cannot happen if the case is decided by a judge or arbitrator. 
WHAT TO EXPECT:  When you decide to use our mediation services we will arrange a time and place for the first mediation session, to discuss the mediation process and to answer any questions you may have. The mediation sessions generally occur at 4031 University Drive located at University Drive and South Street in the Old Town section of the City of Fairfax unless scheduled otherwise.   

No special preparation is needed for the first session, although “homework” may be necessary for subsequent sessions. The number of hours parties needs to resolve their issues or preparing to divorce will vary.  It depends on the number and complexity of the issues [usually multiple financial issues] and the wishes of the parties.  

Our mediators are court-certified. They have mediated child custody, visitation, equitable distribution issues as well as interpersonal and civil cases.  They have extensive experience using a variety of conflict resolution techniques to included conflict coaching, facilitation, training in collaborative communications, public policy disputes, and group dynamics.

WORKING WITH ATTORNEYS:  Mediators do not provide legal advice and you are urged to consult with an attorney and have your agreement reviewed before finalizing it.  We also require parties to meet with an attorney when dealing with complex financial matters to assist you in making well informed decisions. Your attorneys need not be present during mediation sessions.  You will have ample opportunity to consult with your attorney between sessions.  We also may require that you consult with other experts as well, such as accountants or tax experts.  This is to ensure you make informed decisions.
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