Upcoming Fall Training Programs



Basic Mediation Training (20 hours). This 3 day introductory course provides training for conflict resolution, agreement writing, mediation history, bias and legislation.


Domestic Violence Screening (8 hours). This one day course is designed to teach participants an effective domestic violence screening process for use in mediation.


Family Mediation Training (20 hours). This 3 day course focuses on mediating disputes involving custody, visitation, and child support issues.


Judicial Training (4 hours). This one day course provides an examination of the relationships between mediation and the court system.




The Language of Leadership (16 hours) This 2-day course focuses on the art of making change through conversation.  Leadership is about making things happen, creating new possibilities, and moving people into action.  Leadership takes place in our conversations, through the language we use both within ourselves and in interaction with others.  Learn to make effective change both in your personal lives and organizational environment through the art of conversation.


Coaching (8-16 hours). This is an interactive workshop focusing on strategies and techniques to effectively coach employees toward better results.  It will provide proven and effective coaching skills and tools that you can use immediately.  Learn to coach employees to get “unstuck” by helping them to notice and understand how their thinking directly influences their actions and results.  Learn the three levels of listening and the use powerful questions for engaging in more purposeful coaching conversations.


Emotional Smarts (8 hours). This one day course is designed to increase participants skills in five core competency of emotional intelligence:  self-awareness and control, empathy, social expertness, master of vision, and personal influence.


Mentoring (8 hours). This one-day course focuses on seven key competencies for influencing and guiding others in accomplishing specific tasks and addressing broader issues. Participants will learn to design proper mentorship agreements, provide effective feedback, and engage in meaningful dialogue for achieving stated goals.


Negotiation Skills (8 hours). This one day course is designed to enhance participants skills in negotiation.  Participants will become aware of their personal saboteurs and conflict styles that can interfere with effective negotiations.  They will learn the importance of pre-negotiation planning and a variety of techniques and strategies for engaging effectively in a negotiation. 


Relationship Awareness (8 hours).  This one day course is designed to teach participants a new tool for increasing awareness of people’s behaviors and motivations; as well as their own, within a variety of conflict situations—interpersonal, divorce, groups and/or teams. Participants will learn to build more effective relationships—not just when things are going well, but also when managing conflict.